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What is the difference between mattress body impression vs sagging?

For all mattresses regardless of price, type or quality, it is normal to have a slight mattress body impression over time.  This is particularly common among foam mattresses, and includes memory foam and latex type mattresses, and is also a common occurrence in well known luxury mattress brands.

So, how do you know if there is something wrong with your mattress, or if it is just body impression?  The easiest way is to place a broomstick or any kind of long stick across the top of your mattress.  Measure the distance between the highest and the lowest point.  If this distance exceeds 5cm, there should be concern over the mattress sag.  If the distance is less than 5cm, there should not be any reason to worry.

Whilst it is extremely rare (in fact we have yet to record a case of this), if there is a sag in our mattress please contact us via our helpdesk or send an email to attaching photos and someone will get in touch to resolve your issue straight away.